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Re: My new toy: Spanish sylabary

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Thursday, October 21, 1999, 15:14
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De: Charles <catty@...>
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Enviado: Jueves 21 de Octubre de 1999 01:16
Asunto: Re: My new toy: Spanish sylabary

> Carlos Thompson wrote: > > > Well, I've been working in a way to write Spanish making it a little
> > difficult to decipher, but yet easy to use when you know it, and I came
> > trying a sylabary. > > And that made me do this: > > > Example using "eo iu rl", i.e. swap e/o i/u r/l: > worr u vo boon welkung un a way te wluto spanush makung ut a ruttro melo > duffucirt te docuphol bit yot oasy te iso whon yei knew ut and u camo eit > tlyung a syrabaly. > > It does cyclical permutations, a simple substitution cipher. > One may specify the cipher, and it can go forward or reverse > (useful when the cycle is not of length 2). > > I suppose one could learn to read/write it straight, > as some people can with ROT-13 ...
About ciphering. My EISH5 script and Thompinian were ways of ciphering but: EISH5 was an alphabet having the same power of ciphering Morse code or Braile script has: all three substitute roman letters by their own representation... this way any frequency analisys would easily decode it. Thompinian is also an alphabet but uses some tricks trying to avoid simple letter substitutions from Romanized Spanish into Thompinized Spanish. Anyhow has been broken by two friends of mine two different times, not knowing what was written. Well, the sylabary I'm toying will surlely be broken after is very regular in its formation, but then, I will be toying a little trying to make it much less predictable. Now I wonder how to addapt this sylabary for Chleweyish, after phonology is not quite the same than Spanish... -- K:Lo$ euXeNjo To~P.So~ Pi~Zo~ o_o =====================================w===w====####### Chlewey Thompin ## #### ## ## ## ------------------------------------------------##-## ## ### - Po: Ke No ? - No TjeNe Se~TiDo - Ke Se~TiDo ? eL. Se~TiDo No eK.Si$Te - eL. Se~TiDo i~Be:So . o eL. Se~TiDo No:Te . eL. Se~TiDo KoMu~, TL. BeZ. . o Si~ Se~TiDo, KoMo _Ki (-- G.ReBiLe Do$) (or should I better unmark the "e") - Po: K No ? - No TjN S~TiDo - K S~TiDo ? _L. S~TiDo No _K.Si$T - _L. S~TiDo i~B:So . o _L. S~TiDo No:T . _L. S~TiDo KoMu~, TaL. BZ. . o Si~ S~TiDo, KoMo aKi (-- G.RBiL Do$)