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Re: Abbreviations

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 7:43 writes:
>I, in college, invented a system of forty letters which would allow me to >take notes faster. I memorized it and can still write in it and read it. > >The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog > >for instance, would look like > >[theta] qc brn fx jmpt ovr [theta] l[a macron]z[e macron] dg. > >I also invented characters for "tion" (a long s and an n), >/sh/ [long s] > /ng/ [n with a tail] > /ngk/ [n with a tail curving over itself] >/ch/ [t with a long slanted crossbar] >[ing] [a dot above the last letter -- stole this from shorthand]
When I am taking notes, i often take out the vowels in the words, and I can still understand them: I really dont like to take notes, because it tires my hand. - I rlly dnt lk to tke nts, bcse it trs my hnd. Of course some vowels are left in, but thats to make sure i dont mistake it for another word. Usually the spelling can vary. Some other abbreviations I use are: b/w -between b/c because b/f - before