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Re: C_j vs Cj vs C_jj

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, June 15, 2006, 19:45
Mark J. Reed scripsit:

| On 6/14/06, Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> wrote:
| > 2. Try to pronounce [ɕ] instead of [sʲ]. It may add some Polish accent,
| > is still better than [sʲj].
| That will make [s_j] very close to [S], though.

Nevertheless, this kind of pronunciation occurs in some Western dialects.
Under Polish influence, I suppose. Don't worry about [ʃ]. In fact it must be
velarized [ʃˠ], just as its friends [ʒˠ], [tʃˠ], and [dʒˠ].

| > Then try to eliminate hissing.
| Uhm, eliminate hissing from a sibilant?   I'm confused.

That's all my wife and I can recommend, correcting pronunciation in distance

| > Don't be afraid:
| Why does that instruction always mean "You should be very afraid now." ?

That is what I meant, indeed.

| > Ukrainian has five possibilities - C, Cj, C_j, C_j:, and C_jj,
| Five?!  Yikes!   Ok, let's see.  The C pattern would be something like
| <Са>; the corresponding Cj would be <С'я>; and of course C_j would be
| <Ся>; but how do you spell the others?  If the answer involves the
| sequence <ь'> I may have to shoot myself.

C - <Cа> дим [dɪm] 'smoke'; some people also have it in дім [dim] 'house'
where i originates from *о - this is the pronunciation I would recommend;
Cj - <C'я> під'яремний [pid(ˠ)jaˈɾɛmnɪi̯] 'animal in yoke';
C_j - <Ся>, <Сь> дядько [ˈdʲadʲkɔ] 'uncle'; діло [ˈdʲilɔ] 'affair' where i
comes from *ѣ, quite many people pronounce it also in дім [dʲim] (i from
*о) - ultranationalists may grumble on this;
C: - <CCа> віддав [βiˈdːau̯] 'he gave back';
C_j: - <CCя> віддяка [βiˈdʲːaka] 'a good deed as a way to express
C_jj - <Cья> мільярд [milʲˈjaɾd] 'billion' (hmm, again faileed to find
example with дья).
Very easy.

-- Yitzik