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Nasal oddities (again!)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, February 19, 2000, 0:20
I'm trying to describe a language of a people consisting
of different breeds of what I'd call orcs and trolls (not
exactly after the Tolkien fashion, but to the only purpose
of illustrating their evilness and general foulness) and
I've found them rather uncooperative. There isn't a single
linguist among them so as to consult, they have a dread for
tape recorders, and my informants invariably attempt to kill
me when they get tired. Moreover, the language is rather harsh,
including ejectives and implosives all over, an excessive use
of the pharyngeal fricative, and a series of sounds I definitely
hear as implosive nasals...

Now, I *know* you have to close the glottis to produce an
implosive, and therefore there can't be nasal release. But
what can they be?

I think they are those nasalized stops again. Implosive /n`/
sounds more like /d`/ than like /n/... Or (now that I hear
myself more carefully) could they be preglottalized (assuming
such thing exists?) No need to worry -- I'll just have to
discretly get me a corpse, and disect it to find out about
their vocal and nasal tracts. Cry for me if I'm discovered
in fraganti.

--Pablo Flores