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Another new lang

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Friday, February 18, 2000, 23:34
Thought I'd try something else, and make a sister language for Margadian
while I was at it. Thus Senelhian ("New Language") came to be.

Instead of adding affixes, like most of my others, it changes sounds more
often that adding an affix.
eg. shas "star" becomes sheis "stars"
milho "friend" becomes milha "friends"

Not only vowels though, but whether or not the consonant is unvoiced and
aspirated, or voiced and nonaspirated.
eg. tu marhtelh zardan "The elf teaches me"
du marhtelh sarhtan "I teach the elf"
du mardel sarhtan "I don't teach the elf"

There are aspirated r and l sounds, right?