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Heavy Metal Phonation

From:william drewery <will65610@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 13, 2004, 1:51
After posting the near to final draft of my conlang's
phonology, and discussing some of it's features I got
to thinking about how I learned to produce epiglottal
trills and "strident" phonation just from hearing some
sound bites. I get the impression these sounds are
usually really really difficult for Westerners. But
for me they were just unusual, but not terribly
difficult. I think it might be becuase I have
experience singing Heavy Metal music. Indeed, I
noticed a lot of similarities between "strident"
phonation an what I've always done to get a good Death
Metal howl.
   Have there been any studies on the phonation types
used in Heavy Metal vocal technique or other pop

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