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Re: Trigger language?

From:Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 14:56
Christophe a écrit:

> I didn't know this name! D'you know an example of tripartite language?
You'd think I would, wouldn't you? But unfortunately I don't. :P I'm sure someone on this list can come up with a few examples though.
> I was expecting somebody like you to do it for me ;))))) .
> > Let me add some.
> See? ;))))
Hahaha! :D You crack me up! :D
> That's only for Split-S? > > + FLUID-S: > > I:AGT see the fox:PAT > A P > > I:AGT run (willingly). > S/A > > I:PAT run (I can't control my legs!!!! ;))) ). > S/P
:D *visualizing Christophe scurrying off in someone's general direction*
> Do I understand the concept correctly?
Yup. Although, the choice between AGT and PAT doesn't need to be based on control, it can be based on active/stative instead (as in Guaraní). Hence the term "active". (And perhaps "to lie" (as in "tell a lie") is a better verb, since it's more obviously something you can do without intent.) Anyway. Examples of active/stative: I:AGT run. (here we go with the running again ;) --> active I:PAT stand. --> stative Or better yet, an actual Guaraní (fluid-S!) example: karú (AGT) 'to have lunch or supper, or dine' --> active karú (PAT) 'to be a glutton' --> stative
> > Georgian is actually even active. (In Series II, classes 2 and 3 to > > be precise. :)
> Split-S or Fluid-S? ;))))
Well, I feel compelled to say just "active", but I'm sure Tom Wier will tell me that it really is split-S, so that's what I'm going for then. ;) Daniel Andreasson --


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