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Re: Verbal voice

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, June 1, 2000, 0:02
Tom Wier wrote:
> I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. Do any conlangs > have this, or anything similar? Anybody know of any other natlangs > like this?
Intriguing, Watakassí has a "Dative-Object" voice that transforms the dative argument to absolutive (P), and the absolutive is demoted to instrumental. I'd been thinking that it seemed unnatural, but if there's a natlang that can transform instrumental to P, then I don't see why dative can't similarly be transformed. -- Yawíntasva natabí, plansusafí nlakússi ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor