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Re: Verbal voice

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 23:30
> amman iar has something similar in its Applicative voice. In Applicative > constructions the underlying oblique argument of a ditransitive predicate is > promoted to derived P-function and the underlyiing P-function argument is > expressed obliquely.
Yes, this is neat. I know that Chichewa (a Bantu language) has the same thing. It can be combined with the passive voice to form sentences like: ACTIVE mbidzi zi -na -perek-a mpiringidzo kwa mtsikana zebras PL:animal-PAST-hand -ASP crowbar to girl 'The zebras handed the crowbar to the girl.' PASSIVE mpiringidzo u -na -perek-edw -a kwa mtsikana ndi mbidzi crowbar SG:thing-PAST-hand -PASS-ASP to girl by zebras 'The crowbar was handed to the girl by the zebras.' APPLICATIVE mbidzi zi -na -perek-er -a mtsikana mpiringidzo zebras PL:animal-PAST-hand -APPL-ASP girl crowbar 'The zebras handed the girl the crowbar.' APPLICATIVE + PASSIVE mtsikana a -na -perek-er -edw -a mpiringidzo ndi mbidzi girl SG:human-PAST-hand -APPL-PASS-ASP crowbar by zebras 'The girl was handed the crowbar by the zebras.' (I guess this is often used by relational grammarians to show how great RG is...) Anyway... Daniel