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Take your medicine like a [person] (was: Some help with Latin)

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Thursday, October 4, 2007, 16:16
Surely it's time to change the subject.

I though I had this in Kash, but no...... So for the Kash, being rather
literal-minded, it will depend on the kind of medicine: we'll _sakur_
'swallow' pills, sakur or _imu_ 'drink' liquids, ... 'rub/apply' salves,
_ñuçuket_ 'inject' injectables.

Any others? As generic-- "it's time to _take_ your medicine [of whatever
sort]" I think we'll use _mepu_ 'to do'.

'Medicine" is _andumbra_ < tumbra 'heal, cure', but I think we'll need a
less formal, colloquial term too.  This led me to note an unacceptable usage
of the Causative rundumbra 'to heal/cure s.o/s.t; _to treat_' -- we'll need
another verb for treat, probably derived from 'take care of, tend to', since
there's quite a difference between treatment and cure, no?

An army buddy (back in the late 50s-- Jewish kid from Brooklyn, if that's
relevant) introduced me to the concept _"take" a haircut"_; this I suppose
is analogous to Hollywoodese "take a meeting". In my lect it's always been
"get a haircut", "have/call a meeting".