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Re: LONG: Latest Wenetaic Stuff

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, October 28, 1999, 0:33
Fabian <rhialto@...>

> 1) the long schwa exist in Demuan, at least, I think that is what it is. It > is romanised as <er> and is pronounced like the vowel sound in the English > <her>.
I think it's called a rhotic (or retroflex?) schwa. In IPA, it's a schwa with a little hook or wedge ^ on the top-right.
> > 2) That funny r sound. I dont remember the exact details of the conversation > I had with paul. But, I think it goes on the lines that the Japanese R > sounds like a cross between d,t,r,l to American ears because of the American > dialect. Their R is notably different from the British R. I had a long phone > call with a Scottish friend of mine earlier this evening, and apparently, > the Japanese R and the Scottish R are very slightly different, but perfectly > understandable. imho, this same R is also found in Maltese. I have no first > hand knowledge of Spanish, so I can't compare that.
As far as I've heard Japanese, it's the same sound as the Spanish flap; but it becomes lateral sometimes. I've heard it's actually a lateralized flap, but that's really difficult to imagine. --Pablo Flores