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Re: French

Date:Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 14:19
Maybe we should change the subject line
on this thread?  :-)

Mark J. Reed writes:
> > No such thing as a "late" reply on CONLANG, where threads are > immortal. Especially YA?PT's. :) > > I've learned a lot about português pronunciation. I'm still confused > about the <ang> though. Is there a [N] anywhere, or is it pronounced > the same as if it were spelled <ãg>? > > > Henrik Theiling wrote: >> Hi! >> >> Falcata Lusa writes: >>>... >>> In European Portuguese, my mother tongue, I'd say: >>> >>> [toduz uz aNglOfunuS s@~u~ buRuS] and probably change [t] for [t_d], >>> [d] for [d_d], and all [u] for [U] but I'm not sure about the xsampa >>> values. >>> >>> Regarding "word final s" we have the values [S], [z], [Z], before word >>> initial voiceless consonant or pause, before vowels, and before voiced >>> consonants, respectively. Final /s/ is never [s] in European >>> Portuguese. >>>... >> >> I see, thank you! So -s+s- does not fuse in Europe. >> >>>... >>> Sorry for this late response, but I've been quite busy lately. >> >> No problem, it was very helpful for me! >> >> **Henrik


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