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Help on verbs..

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 27, 1999, 1:24
Yeah, I was looking at some of these languages, and behold, within the
verb sections, I immediately get confused as to what all these tenses
are, and these mood things, and such..if anyone knows of a website where
I could get like, explanations of what different tenses mean, it would
be much what it means when a tense is 'perfect'

BTW, here is a list of (some) tenses, and what I think they mean, but am
not sure that I am right: (I'm using I just because)

I <verb>
I am capable of performing <verb>, and I perform <verb> on occasion

I am <verb>ing
I am in the process of performing <verb> at the exact time referenced to
(I am <verb>ing is at this moment, I was <verb>ing is at the moment in
(past) time I am referring to)

I do <verb>
I am capable of performing <verb>, and it is an action I do on a
(semi-)regular basis

I have <verb>ed
I currently have the trait of <verb>ed in the past at some time

I <verb>ed
In the past, at an already mentioned time, I performed <verb>

I had <verb>ed
In the past, I performed <verb> before something else happened

I will <verb>
I am going to perform <verb> in the future

I am going to <verb>
I am currently in the process of attempting to gain myself the trait of

I will have <verb>ed
In the future, I am going to have the trait of <verb>ed

I would <verb>
If I am capable of <verb>ing right now, I will <verb> right now

I would have <verb>
If I had been capable of <verb>ing at that instant, I was going to

I have been <verb>ing
In the past I began to <verb> and continue to <verb> until this very now

I will have been <verb>ing
In the future, at a given point in the past, which is future to me right
now, I am going to start <verb>ing and continue to the far point in the
future I am referencing.

That's about all I can think of..and then there're those mood
things..whatever those are...could anyone please help me here?