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Re: French

From:Erbrice <erbrice@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 22:47
I totally agree with you and I'm aware  in a english speaking list,  
this "french intervention" is annoying. but it started because some  
members of the list couldn't understand my english !
On the other hand this list has -as far as I know- no equivalent  
online AND french is no more a worldwide spread langage.
So 3 solutions (IMHO -in my humble opinion)
1-I'm persona non grata sorry killfile, and I have to go.
2-the members give me the time to write  english as fluently as i  
read it.
3-each message not written in english is tagged. ex: "F/ bla bla bla"  
is written in french, etc
what do you think ?
I hope any way you won't bother if we finnish the 2 discussions which  
began in french (concept_sit &  pour les franco-phones-philes)

Le 19 janv. 09 à 17:30, Henrik Theiling a écrit :

> Hi! > > Sorry to be a spoil-sport, but I'd like this list to remain an English > language list, please. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using > other languages occasionally, of course -- this list is about > language. But whole threads in French are very hard and no fun for me > to read. There are probably lists and fora for French conlangers, as > there are those for Spanish and German and many other languages, too, > but the language on this list is English. > > So please switch back to using English as the primary language. > > Thank you! > > **Henrik