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Re: French

From:Israel Noletto <israelnoletto@...>
Date:Friday, January 23, 2009, 14:09
Following the trend ;)

In Portuguese (my mother tongue): Todos os anglófonos são burros.
In Old Tupi* (my country's former native tongue): a’e o-nhe’eng inglés îuk (Lit.
they [who] speak English rotten; not completely sure about this sentence
correctness though)
In Försk (my conlang): Jeid Engelsk spreeker is kue.
In Nathanian (my father's conlang): Les tutos anglofonos son mus.

*Whose morphology, syntax and possibly lexicon will serve as base for my
next project. In Old Tupi there was no equivalent to the verb 'to be' and since
I didn't find an equivalent to 'stupid', I used 'îuk' which albeit means rotten,
expresses the same level of prejudice (where I wrote î, there should appear
an 'i' with a circumflex).


Israel Noletto

2009/1/22 Paul Kershaw <ptkershaw@...>:
>> Le 21 janv. 09 à 13:22, Chris Wright a écrit : >> > Unless the French portions start including stuff that's conveniently >> > left out of the English translations, like "All Anglophones are >> > morons" :P > > Things to look for:* > Tous les anglophones sont cons. > Alle Englischsprechenden sind dumm. > Todos los gentes angloparlentes son muy estúpidos.


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