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Re: French

From:Larry Sulky <larrysulky@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 16:19
One more time.


For me, "route" rhymes with "boot". "rout" rhymes with "out". "Router" uses
the vowel sound from "rout" if it refers to a piece of computer equipment or
woodworking equipment, but the sound from "route" if it refers to a person
or other agency that routes things. Inconsistent, I know.

Of course, Americans often think I'm saying "oot and aboot" when I'm saying
"out and about", but the differences are clear enough to me.

In the interests of full disclosure, for me, "root" and "roof" have the same
vowel as "foot", not "boot". Except in root beer.

I really must shut up now.