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Re: French

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 11:12
* Douglas Koller, Latin & French said on 2003-01-13 21:32:56 +0100
> Nik writes: > > >I just wish it sounded nicer, without all those ugly > >nasal vowels and front rounded vowels and with more stops to give some > >texture to the sound. :-) > > Steady, lieutenant. Them's fightin' words. A day without front > rounded vowels is like a day without sunshine.
> Ööööööö, üüüüüüü,
Ah, the lovely resonant sound of Norwegian y! Not to mention the queen of semi-vowels: /H/! /i/ and /j/ are so... flat. t.


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