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Re: French

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Sunday, October 31, 1999, 5:14
In a message dated 10/29/1999 9:24:05 PM, fflores@ARNET.COM.AR writes:

>Grandsire, C.A. <grandsir@...> wrote: > >> When I think of all those people who use the >> conditional instead of the imperfect in conditional sentences (saying >> for example: "si j'aurais..." instead of "si j'avais...")... Not only >> is incorrect but it is ugly (sorry I'm a prescriptivist here, but it's >> only a matter of beauty of language). > >Oh God, it's spreading! ;-) Seriously, this must be a Romance issue, >since Spanish speakers (around me at least) use conditional instead >of (subjunctive) imperfect all the time. That is, _si tendr=EDa_ instead >_si tuviera_. And I have to agree with you that it's ugly. >The worst thing is that the second part of the clause usually needs >the conditional, so the very "heavy" ending /'ri.a/ is repeated, >producing some really horrible cacophony <sp?>.
But it does make more sense, in a logical way. IIRC, Hungarian does this, an= d=20 I must admit.... Eloshtan does too! I think sounds fine - it's like=20 parellelism.
>--Pablo Flores >
Josh Roth