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Eureka! (I fixed what was wrong with my conlang!)

From:Sigmund Kopperud <vile-dmg@...>
Date:Sunday, May 30, 2004, 0:01
Yes! I've fixed what I perceived as inconsistencies in Därb! (The
sentence structure and some of the words)

It still has a structure reminiscent of slavic languages (The use of
suffixes and prefixes, as opposed to the excessive use of verbs and
adjectives seen in languages of the germanic language family.)

Ats Rino echtsa zéth därb,
ats Rino echtsa zéth fich,
ats Rino echtsa zéth erträch,
r Tzechtsa ian Tzoenich eterz echtsa!

One ring will them rule,

One ring will them find,

One ring will them bring,

And they by the darkness consumed will be!

The only form I've used in Därb is one to determine singular or plural
(The accentuation of words written in plural.)

One prefix 'Tz' - used to determine if the verb is in plural or not -
the verb turns into a noun when this is used.

Suffix -
tsa - used to determine if the noun is in futurum