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Re: Amanda's sentences as translation exercise

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Saturday, November 11, 2006, 23:18
Found a couple of mistakes here. Will bother to correct them:

>> 4. The baby cannot speak (yet). > > U: Arum da ni me ikte. (baby yet not can(-pres.3s) speak-inf) > G: Ara omoke linia ra. (not baby-erg pot-speaking dur-it-has-it)
First, I don't think the durative on the auxiliary is the right way to express this. Perhaps better an allative on the nominalised verb and no negative. Omoke liniati a. "The child has towards the ability of speaking." Hm, weird. But I think it is correct Gaajan. I hesitate to introduce a 'yet' adverb. I don't think it's right there. But they have 'now', which is 'wan,' so perhaps 'wanti' with another allative.
>> 10. Although he can take several steps in a row while I hold his >> hands, I >> carried him on our walk. > > U: Da me bil vazlet rybi sami ziram sa meret, si firem esan lidu. > (although can-pres.3s several while hold- > pres.1s 3s.gen, 3s.acc carry-pret.1s 1p.gen
Although this is formally correct, Urianians would prefer a participle instead of 'sami ziram': Da me bil vazlet rybi ma ziruni sa meran... (although can-pres.3s several 1s.gen hold-act.part.inst 3s.gen that is: Although he can take several steps in a row with/through my holding of his hands... LEF