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Re: ADMIN: John Cowan departing; turnover in the Instrumentality of Conlang

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 29, 2004, 5:33
Henrik Theiling scripsit:

> John, I wish the cold turkey will be away soon so that you can re-join > at a standable level of participation so you will be available to us!
Oops. I think you thought I was talking about some literal fowl which I am in the process of consuming. No, to quit "cold turkey" means unconditionally, without reduction, in a single act. Who knows? I might be back some day. But at the moment I think not. -- Her he asked if O'Hare Doctor tidings sent from far John Cowan coast and she with grameful sigh him answered that O'Hare Doctor in heaven was. Sad was the man that word to hear that him so heavied in bowels ruthful. All she there told him, ruing death for friend so young, algate sore unwilling God's rightwiseness to withsay. Ulysses, "Oxen"


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