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SV: Body language (was: Re: Enterprise)

From:Michael Fors <micke@...>
Date:Saturday, January 25, 2003, 20:05
> Michael Fors wrote: > > Really?? I thought that languages that have a very vivid body > > language, like Italian (I know some people that attended a small > > course in Italian body language some years ago), also said something > > with those movements. So I do not agree that all human languages are > > monomodal. That is, if I've understood you correctly of course. :)
Italian body language??? How comes I never heard about that? There's an Italian Sign Language used by the deaf community, but I've never come across Italian body language. Indeed, I notice I hardly ever use gestures while speaking. That must be a thing Southerners use to do, I suppose. But that's another world;-) Luca Sorry for lumping all Italians together. We hardly ever use movements when we speak in Swedish, and when we do, it's to really really emphasize (don't know the spelling) what we say. So when we come across people and languages that use often very vivid movements, then it's perceived as something rather special. It could also be because the organization that organized the course is made up of very silly people. :p /Micke *Ordinary people do fucked-up things, when fucked-up things become ordinary.*