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Re: Carthangyz

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, July 7, 2005, 9:43
Ingmar Roerdinkholder jazdy:

> It's been some time ago I was working on Carthangyz, so I'm a bit out of > Turcology now. But I think to remember that Turkic b>m occurs when the > word contains another nasal. XX: ben > men (I), bing > ming (1000).
May be true.
> Maybe a few nice names for your Turks would be "Qyptar", or "Tarqyp", from > Tartar x Qypchaq, or "Tarquman" < Tartar + Quman, or "Chaquman", "Qypman" > etc etc ;-) Or just call them and their language after the area they live.
If it were a lang without conhistory behind it, I could call it an invented name, e.g. Qyptar. But I want to be realistic. Thanx for help hints.
> I couldn't open your link, I think I only got the Narod.Ru Jandex page, > but nothing about P20. Or is my Cyrillic insufficient?
Try again now.
> Ingmar
-- Yitzik