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Survey(?) of ConLangs' Calendars and Colors and Kinterms

From:Tom Chappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Thursday, October 20, 2005, 20:55
What kind of calendar does your conlang and/or conculture include?

Mine will use a lunisolar calendar with a cycle that is 57 years long, and 705
months long, and 20819 days long.  Some months will be 29 days and some
will be 30 days; some years will be 12 months and some will be 13 months;
so some years will be 354 days, some will be 355 days, some will be 383
days, and some will be 384 days.  Every 57 years = 705 months = 20819
days, everything will synch-up again.

What set of monomorphemic color terms does your conlang and/or conculture include?

Mine is going to have 37 monomorphemic color terms.
The central, core meaning of each of these color terms will have a saturation of
either 0% or 50% or 100%, and a lightness of either 0% or 25% or 50% or 75% or
100%. I'm not sure of the "hue" code-numbers on and
so I might misuse them in this post; but my conlang's color terms (except the 0%
saturation ones) will each be centered on one of eight (8) hues, which I think
will be 0(=360), 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, and 315.
So the following hue-saturation-lightness triples will be the center/core
meanings of my 37 monomorphemic color terms;

(English gloss will be "black"):
hsl(h=doesn't matter, s=doesn't matter, l=0%)

(English gloss will be "white"):
hsl(h=doesn't matter, s=doesn't matter, l=100%)

(English glosses will be different shades of "grey" or "gray"):
hsl(h=doesn't matter, s=0%, l=25%) (gray25)

hsl(h=doesn't matter, s=0%, l=50%) (gray50)
hsl(h=doesn't matter, s=0%, l=75%) (silver)

hsl(h=0 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (red)

hsl(h=45 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (between gold7 and gold)
hsl(h=90 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (chartreuse)
hsl(h=135 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (between spring green and neon avocado)
hsl(h=180 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (cyan or aqua)
hsl(h=225 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (between slate blue and blue)
hsl(h=270 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (medium slate blue2)
hsl(h=315 degrees, s=100%, l=50%) (beteen rose and fuchsia2)

hsl(h=0 degrees, s=100%, l=25%) (maroon)
hsl(h=45 degrees, s=100%, l=25%)
hsl(h=90 degrees, s=100%, l=25%)
hsl(h=135 degrees, s=100%, l=25%)
hsl(h=180 degrees, s=100%, l=25%) (teal)
hsl(h=225 degrees, s=100%, l=25%)
hsl(h=270 degrees, s=100%, l=25%) (close to indigo)
hsl(h=315 degrees, s=100%, l=25%) (close to purple)

hsl(h=0 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=45 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=90 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=135 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=180 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=225 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=270 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)
hsl(h=325 degrees, s=100%, l=75%)

hsl(h=0 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=45 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=90 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=135 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=180 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=225 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=270 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)
hsl(h=315 degrees, s=50%, l=50%)

I haven't come up with the names, yet.


We've talked about anthroponymics;  I've just asked about calendars and colors.

I should also ask about kinterms, since I've posted about them recently.

Is there any other "semantic field" I should ask about?  Maybe, "correlatives"?



Tom H.C. in MI

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