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About Hebrew Emphatics

From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 1:31
{ 20040531,0908 Steg Belsky }

"What kind of emphaticness?  I prefer ejective/glottalized!  (except
for |tzadi|, that's pretty hard for me, whether as /s>/ or /ts)>/)"

HA HA HA, I hoped we wouldn't hit this topic. I've got a problem with
"emphatic series" because the first time I encountered them was in....
Korean. Now Korean emphatic consonants are such a source of constant
combat between linguists about their actual phonetic realisation that I
have NO idea how to characterise them. They seem to be "messy"
glottalics to me (starting just before the stop and passing through it)
because you tense before the stop is made and "hold" it as a double
consonant as well.

I also usually - but not always - back qo:f as per most modern
Boreo-Afrasian langs. Korean does NOT back its emphatic k, and there is
a separate series for most Mayan languages, which were my SECOND
exposure to emphatics [i.e. k k' q q'].

I try to use ejectives, but they HARD, man.



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