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Relay: Rokbeigalmki to Wenetaic

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 12:27
Here's my interpretation of the text I sent Sally, in its full interlin=

In the text below, "PRF" shows perfective, "IMP" shows imperfective, an=
"PL" marks plural.  I have avoided giving the aspect for the inceptive
auxilliary verb "k=EBnka", it is always in the perfective.  (What's the=

imperfective of "start to (be)", anyway???).

I've given both a literal gloss and a list of roots and suffixes.  This=

is a highly abridged version of the notes that passed back and forth
between Sally & me.

I've included Steg's original text, with my interpretation of it, at th=
end of this post.

Transcription/Pronounciation notes:

Everything's fairly sensible (I hope), with the addition of these...
  s'  /S/
  c   /tS/
  =EB   /@/
  ng  /N/

Vowels are roughly Italian/Spanish.  Doubled vowels are long.

Interlinearised Wenetaic text:

Note - Morpheme boundaries can be hard to spot in Wewnetaak, so I've
dotted everything.  Note, this is not the smallest possible breakdown,
but it's into units that make it the most understandable without having=

to impart a deep instinctive understanding of the mechanics of the

O    theya.s  kh=EBn=EBkhi.s!    Poks'=EB.mayi.s     pok=EB.p   pokos'=EB=
VOC  god.g2   create-IMP.g2  word.g5  say-IMP.FUT.g6


Oh, creating god!  Say to me that which will be said:

Thuuro.p   kaare.ta.k     rupi.rare.k   k=EBnka.p...
strong.g4  swift.ATTR.g6  wind.LIKE.g6  become.g5

The strength becomes as swift as the wind...

Othorii.k    k=EBnka.t.       Aka.r     makhme.payi.r         powe.p.
hear-IMP.g6  become-PRF.g3  water.g4  food.g5

He starts to hear.  Water enlarges the meal.

Othorii.t    ap     toru.p,      k=EBnka.t,
hear-IMP.g3  it-g4  far-g3.g4  happy.ATTR.g6.NOT  become.g3      k=EBnka.t.khe.
    hear-PRF.g6.NOT  become-PRF.g3.AND

Hearing this distant thing, he grows unhappy, and stops listening.

Poks'=EB.mew=EB.m,       "O   kh=EBni.maso.s,        othrii.maw=EB.s
say-PRF.ought-g1.g1  VOC  thing.made-by-g1.g2  hear-PRF.want-g1.g2

    am     pheni.m!"
    it-g1  good.g1

This compels me to say, "Oh, my creation, hear that I am good!"

Phomu.p  thuurtho.payi.p      ngero.p.  Othorii.k    k=EBnka.t.
tree.g5  house.g5  hear-IMP.g6  begin.g3

The tree strengthens the house.  He starts to hear.

Mamko.taa.r       noke.p.      Phithiphe.k  darkness.g4  see-IMP.g6


Children fear the dark.  He starts to see.

Kh=EBni.maso.t         phithiphe.k  suuma.tayi.m       ak     k=EBnka.t=
thing.made-by-g1.g3  see-IMP.g6  it-g6  begin.g3

My creation begins to see that we are married.

Poks'=EB.mew=EB.m,       "O   kh=EBni.maso.s,        phithphe.maw=EB.s
say-PRF.ought-g1.g1  VOC  thing.made-by-g1.g2  see-PRF.want-g1.g2

    am     pheni.m!"
    it-g1  good.g1

This compels me to say, "Oh, my creation, see that I am good!"

Literal Gloss:
ak - it (abstractions); ends a relative clause or acts as copula
akar - water
am - me/us; ends a relative clause or acts as copula
ap - it (inanimate); ends a relative clause or acts as copula
armepayirne - dislike of something inanimate by something animate
kaaretak - swift(ness)
k=EBnkap - something inanimate becomes or begins
k=EBnkat - a human becomes or begins
k=EBnkatkhe - as well as doing a previously stated verb, a human become=
or begins
kh=EBn=EBkhis - you create (imperfective)
kh=EBnimasos - you, my creation
kh=EBnimasot - he/she, my creation
makhmepayir - something animate enlarges something inanimate
mamkotaar - children (in general)
ngerop - a/the house
nokep - a/the night, the dark
o - vocative
othoriik - to be hearing/listening (imperfective)
othoriit - he is hearing/listening (imperfective)
othriikne - to not hear/ not listen (perfective)
othriis - you hear/listen (perfective)
phenim - a good/happy thing ("1st person" gender)
phenitakne - "ungood", ie bad, or unhappy/sad
phithiphek - to see (imperfective)
phithphes - you see (perfective)
phomup - a/the tree
pok=EBp - a/the word
poks'=EBmayis - you say to me
poks'=EBmew=EBm - I am compelled to / ought to say
pokos'=EBp=EBngook - "predicted to be said (at some point in the future=
powep - food
rupirarek - to the same extent as the wind does / is
suumatayim - the marriage between him/her and me
theyas - god (in the 2nd person)
thuurop - strong-thing; either "strength" or "a thing that is strong"
thuurthopayip - something inanimate strengthens something inanimate
torup - an inanimate thing that is far from him/her

Bare Roots:
aka - water
arme - to have friendly feelings towards
kaare - swiftness
k=EBnka - become a noun (or adjective), begin a verb
kh=EBn=EBkhi - creating (imperfect verb)
kh=EBni - creation, thing
makhme - to enlarge or improve (transitive)
mamko - children
ngero - house
noke - night, darkness
othorii - hearing (imperfect verb)
othrii - hear (verb)
pheni - good, happy
phithiphe - seeing (verb)
phithphe - see (verb)
phomu - tree
pok=EB - word, utterance
pokos'=EB - saying
poks'=EB - say
powe - food
suuma - marriage
theya - god
thuuro - strength
thuurtho - strengthen
rupi - wind

Gender markers:
m - Me
s - You
t - He/She
r - Animate
p - Inanimate
k - Abstract

ayi - towards (mayi =3D towards me)
oru - distant (toru =3D far away from him)
aso - created (saso =3D you have made)
ta - first half of a comparison, marks the thing being compared with
ta - used on its own (without "are") marks a non-comparitive adjective
are - second half of a comparison, marks the attribute being compared
=EBngoo - prophetic future tense
ew=EB - volotive marker used when duty-bound to do something
aw=EB - volotive marker used when someone wants something to be done
taa - marks generalising nouns, "mamnor" =3D the men, "mamnotaar" =3D m=
en in

ne - Not.  Implies the opposite, rather than a lack.
khe - And.  Links the suffixed word with the previous word of the same =

Grammar Notes:
Nouns are marked with a final gender marker to show their gender.
Verbs are marked with a final gender marker to show the gender of their=
Verbs inflected with "k" are infinitives.
Most infixes are preceded by a person/gender marker to show what they r=
elate to,
 generally their actor.
Suffixes come in absolutely final position, after infixes and gender ma=
The pronoun root "a-" has a multitude of fairly non-core functions to d=
o with
being or existence.  It generally acts as a copula or resumptive pronou=
n.  A
similar English usage is "he" in "That man with the big hat, he is foll=

Stegs Rokbeiglamki text, interlinear by me:

Ei-bardh-a      o-eilos!  Eze-dagu~b              wa'ash  gub
VOC-create-THE  G1-god!   you_imp-Cs.communicate   word

    ga'uzii-daguvdhab         dhaz  guvdhab:
    which.it_future-Cs.speak  this  speak:

Tzrusn-a          elikuh-viht  sudmufihs  uzoi-adetz...
strength.ONE.THE  ADV.sudden   ADJ.wind   it_prs-become...

Tzo  thule~     uzoi-jet.
His  listening  it_prs-beginning.

Dwi    uzoi-daglend         sha'manoi.
Water  it_prs-Cs.greatness

Ozoi-thule~       parchm,      sudsudbroond  oz=F3=ED.
he_prs-listening,  LIKE.sorrow   to_be.

Tzo  thule~     uzoi-tep.
His  listening  it_prs-ending.

Az  uzoi-diiel,    ya'fyao      ashoi-daguvdhab,
I   it_prs-cause,  INSTR.mouth  I_prs_subj-Cs.speak,

 - Ei-tzii  o-bardh!    Eze-thule~         ash  elikuh-tub.
  "VOC-my   G1-create!  you_imp-listening  me   ADV-good."

Gores  uhzoi-datha~b     sha'waju.

Tzo  thule~     uzoi-jet.
His  listening  it_prs-beginning.

Sha'ilu  lihrdh       uhzoi-telos,  i     sha'seflat.
dO.all   youth_doer?  G4_prs-fear,  and   to.night.

Tzo  kheza~  uzoi-jet.
His  gaze    it_prs-beginning.

Tzii  o-bardh,   tzo  kheza~  uzu-jet,           i     ta'tu
My    g1-create, his  gaze    it_prs-beginning,  and   in.then


Az  uzoi-diiel,    ya'fyao      ashoi-daguvdhab,
I   it_prs-cause,  INSTR.mouth  I_prs_subj-speak

 - Ei-tzii  o-bardh!    Eze-kheza~    ash  elikuh-tub.
  "VOC-my   G1-create!  you_imp-gaze  me   ADV.good."


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