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south germanic / belgic

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Friday, May 23, 2008, 18:56
South Germanic is a language spoken around the Germano-Romance language
border, in Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern France.
It has Grimm's consonant shift, which makes it a Germanic language, and a lot
of vocabulary in common with Germanic, but it's of a different type than the
other Germanic languages. One could compare it with the different types in
one language family like C Celtic (Irish etc) and P Celtic (Welsh, Breton etc).
South Germanic's ancestor were the languages spoken by the (real) Celto-
Germanic tribes in and around present day Belgium in Roman times.
A better name might be: Belgic, or Germano-Celtic or something like it.
Here below I give numerals and personal pronouns as an example.
The orthography is Dutch based, so I give the SAMPA prono with it too

1    eun        [2:n]
2    touw      [tOu]
3    trië        [trI@]
4    huurd     [hy:rd]
5    hing       [hIN]
6    seig       [zEIC]
7    sucht     [zYCt]
8    ocht      [Oxt]
9    nouw     [nOu]
10  teeg       [te:C]
11  euntig     ["2:ntIC]
12  tuidig       ["t2YdIC]
13  tredig      ["tre:dIC]
14  hurtig      ["hYrtIC]
15  hintig      ["hIntIC]
16  sedig       ["ze:dIC]
17  suchtig    ["zYCtIC]
18  ochtig     ["OxtIC]
19  nuidig      ["n2YdIC]
20  vond       ["vOnt]
30  trond      ["trOnt]
40  heurend   ["h2:r@nt]
50  hungend   [hYN@nt]
60  suigend    ["z2YG'@nt]
70  suchtend  ["zYCt@nt]
80  ochtend   ["Oxt@nt]
90  neuvend   ["n2Yv@nt]
100 hand       [hant]

eew     I        [e:u]
tui       thou   [t2Y]
gie       he     [G'i]
go       she     [G'o:]
tot      it        [tOt]
ans      we     [a~s]
ous      you    [Ous]
ga       they   [Ga:]