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Re: German voice: dative -> nominative: name?

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Monday, May 3, 2004, 3:18
Henrik Theiling scripsit:

> ? voice: > Du kriegst von mir den Text erklärt. > You-NOM get by me the Text-ACC explained. > \--------------------------/ > explain-??VOICE-PRES/IND/2s > ?'You are explained the text by me.'
This sounds like what traditionally was called the false passive in English: active: John gave the boy the book. passive: The book was given to the boy (by John). false passive: The boy was given the book (by John). The term "false" of course means that it didn't fit Latin grammar: Latin can't passivize a ditransitive verb by promoting the IO. -- John Cowan Female celebrity stalker, on a hot morning in Cairo: "Imagine, Colonel Lawrence, ninety-two already!" El Auruns's reply: "Many happy returns of the day!"


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