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Memorization (conlang version)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 8, 2000, 16:42
[This message comes in two versions, one for Conlang and
one for Conculture.]

I just received a message from someone who came across my
pages, with the following very interesting questions:

> Do you have any methods for ease of learning an artifically > created language ? In old societies, have you ever wondered how > the scribes memorized the torah, or mahabarata ?
Does anyone know about this? What do *you* do when you want to learn a new language fast? For conculturers, please see my post to Conculture... Has any of you attempted to memorize their conlang's lexicon? Myself, I'm pretty bad at memorizing stuff unless I'm very interested. I have a very good memory for useless things, like the 10 first digits of pi, but in general I prefer to compute rather than store (not that discussion again...). --Pablo Flores