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TRANS: love is the law

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 9, 2000, 0:24
With the recent flurry of TRANS messages, and the discussion of
copula-less languages, I thought it might be interesting to see how others
would translate this into conlangs.  When I came across this a while ago,
it truly fit the draqa way, and I wanted to translate, but ran into the
copular problem... Anyway:

"Love is the Law"

anc'haes a Abantiki:

an - topicalizer
c- - root joining particle
haes - love, i.e. think of the tao, and expand the concept of agape to
mirror it by analogy
anc'haes ~ "of love"

a - "I'm presenting this as a fact"

Aban- - more
tiki - draqa concept of all that is proper, correct and best in terms of
interpersonal relationships and behavior. Has a MUCH stronger connotation
than the English words 'proper' or 'approriate'.
Abantiki ~ "more/most proper"

This is really "a Abantikic'haes" = "The more-rightness of love" (i.e.
'love is more/most-right-behavior'), transposed to make 'love' the topic.

* Oh, yeah, "law" was the other problem.  Draqa look very scornfully at
the concept of law and see it as a primitive tool, another short-coming of
"ignorant" cultures.  They say 'a heitikixoka nehneh heixehileaxokafar',
i.e. "Human beings do what is right, pretend-human beings obey the law"

a beac,