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Re: Kijeb sandhi

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2007, 19:44
BP Jonsson wrote:

> I have entered some preliminary stuff for a new and expanded > section on Kijeb sandhi to > <>, > I'd like your input on how realistic > (phonetically > plausible) the sandhi changes look. Any suggestions that may > make them more realistic or interesting are welcome! >
Not dissimilar from some of the changes I needed in Gwr, for which I also had to make a chart (if only to keep things straight in my head...)-- the difference is that I used C-clusters to derive new single C. Everything looks quite realistic, and/or explicable. I see that initial *y, uniquely, metathesizes with C2; a more general application might also metathesize *w. Could things like ty, dy, sy, ky, gy etc. ult. > unit afficates? In Gwr, clusters of pr, br > t, d-- not sure how realistic that is, but it's a sound change claimed by Benedict in his Austro-Thai work. Similarly, mr,nr,Nr develop an excrescent stop (mbr, ndr, Ngr), then the nasal is lost and we get br > d, dr > [d`l`] and [dZ]. Have you tried writing up the rules for your changes? That can sometimes be illuminating, in that you may see other possible generalizations.