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Re: c-curl

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2001, 12:52
Andreas Johansson wrote:

> > Exactly! This is the very sound we have in Swedish. In > > Swedish terminology this is called the "tje-sound".
>Not in my Swedish! My tongue does most definitely not touch my lower teeth >when I pronounce words like "tjej", but read on ...
Mine does neither. I think this pronunciation of the tje-sound is passing on.
> > I tend to pronounce this a bit more like [S] instead of > > [s\], but all my friends tell me I pronounce it wrong.
>Possibly, I do the same, but nobody's every mentioned it as something "odd" >or "wrong". I never been any good at keeping the various [S], [s`], [C] etc >sounds apart, tho'.
Well, no-one really notices it until I mention it. Possibly my friends have the same sound as me. It's not really [S] but not [s\] either. It's something in between. It's like [s\] but without the tongue touching the lower teeth.
>I think I have pure [x] for the "sje-sound". My lips are in the same >position as for [s].
Yes. This seems to be more common. Mine is sometimes the fricative [x] and (more often) the approximant. ||| daniel "Felin oer lammonth!" _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at