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Re: TRANS: Without Words, Without Silence

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 9, 2000, 17:47
> Without Words, Without Silence > > A monk asked his teacher: "Without speaking, without silence, how can you > express the truth?" > > His teacher observed: "I always remember springtime in southern China. > The birds sing among innumerable kinds of fragrant flowers." >
dan s'hobio abeh s'hoboakci i bioc'faxa eiseok- xeh'a, fo s'hobio abeh s'hoboakci, miskwa'a doiwan dan fIakwatae hrfweacor: i seok behi- Ia beohrbal dan lajabetorcugkwomeehsk, he heidhwIqo, he xifac'lika kia xifac'lika wix: -------------- beawan jin, .yasmin.