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Re: CHAT: The Arabic equivalent of "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"?

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Sunday, May 9, 2004, 19:29
In French:
"Portez ce whisky vieux au juge blond qui fume"

which uses of course a foreign word, "whisky", but
also is interesting because it's an alexandrin.

--- Danny Wier <dawiertx@...> wrote:
> > The famous phrase in the Subject: line above uses > every letter in the > English alphabet, and there are other well-known > sentences in other > languages. I found a German version online > somewhere; that at least I can > remember? So is there any short Arabic sentence that > uses all 28 letters (29 > if one counts hamzah)? I'd also like to see Greek, > Russian and Hebrew > sentences of that sort. > > I'm going to try and study Hebrew and Maltese as > well. Shukran!
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