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Re: Forms of address in Rumiya (was Re: [OT] Scores)

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Saturday, December 28, 2002, 17:06
Padraic Brown eskribiw:

>> e.g. Hèl kyere Ostad tomar chá? Do you want to >> drink some tea? (a man to a friend) > > Hm. We'd just say "Chay, charín?" (Tea, gov?)
Khm... That was a little exageration. I'd define the context as a male older that 25, speaks to a male with whom he is acquainted, and they have equal social status, and this happens in presence of other males who may be older than the speaker... hugh... In a totally informal context, I suppose it may sound like "Tomas chá, sid?". I'm not sure yet. I decided to work over colloquial forms later, when basic standard dialect get to the stage of relative stability. Autocorrection: I noticed I still used a *stongly colloquial* form in wrong context in example 2. To use infinitive after impersonal predicatives sounds rather vulgar. Modern Standard Formal Rumiya would use subjunctive here: - Hèl es mumken ke faya estefada a su kâlamo? - |faya| 1sn.pres.subj. of aux.v. "far" (to do) Special notice: feel the difference between |esteghmalo| "usage, application" and |estefada| "usage of smth in your own interests". I just love those oriental nuances... Padraic. Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~