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Translation: Thoughts on a still night

From:Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn@...>
Date:Monday, February 21, 2005, 12:53
"Thoughts on a still night" is a poem by a great Chinese poet Li Bai:

So, here's my translation to Haran Lamim:

* In romanization of native orthography
joyongin mabhe niegim
jacar uhen grabin ladi cibinde / hathe ranin sengeira niegynta
rimiar lydbe grabin ladar boko / rimiar gusbe bijar gyrynta

* In Hangul!
조용인 맙허 녀김
자차르 우헌 그라빈 라디 치빈더 / 핱허 `라닌 성에라 녀근타
`리먀르 륻베 그라빈 라다르 보코 / `리먀르 굿베 비자르 그른타

[dz2joNin map@ Jj@gim
dzatsar uh@n grabin ladi tSibind@ hathe raJin s@Nera Jj@g1nta
rimjar l1dbe grabin ladar boko rimjar gusve bidzar g1r1nta]

* Orthography note
In addition to

- I before vowel is [j].
- Y between vowel is also [j], but also affects preceding vowel. For example,
Underlying [oio] becomes [2jo].
- [j] still palatalizes preceding consonant.
- [h] unvoices preceding consonant
- [s] turns next consonant to fricative, if possible.

In Hangul, ` is to indicate that initial ㄹ is [r], not [l]. Elsewhere,
[r] is writeen ㄹ and
[l] is written ㄹㄹ. Ambiguity: -r and -ry is written same: 르. ㅡ is an
epenthetic vowel
in Korean.

* In too-much-literal translation
Quiet night's thoughts
Above sleepplace shines brightened moon / Thinking it is earth fallen frost
Lifting head I see brightened moon / Dropping head I long for home

* Interlinear
joyong-in mab-he nieg-im
quiet.ADJ night.LOC think.NOM

ja-car u-he-n grab-in lad-i cib-inde
sleep.PLACE above.LOC.TOPIC bright.ADJ moon.SUBJ shine.WHILE

hat-he ran-in senge-ra nieg-y-n-ta
earth.LOC fall.ADJ frost.CALL think.SEP.1P.END

rimi-ar lyd-be grab-in lad-ar bo-ko
head.OBJ lift.BY bright.ADJ moon.OBJ see.CONT

rimi-ar gus-ve bij-ar gyr-y-n-ta
head.OBJ drop.BY home.OBJ long.SEP.1P.END

Seo Sanghyeon


Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn@...>