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Re: CHAT: Plus ca change...

From:Dan Sulani <dan_sulani@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 20, 1999, 17:14
   Back to translating "Plus ca change...":
if translated more or less literally into rtemmu,
it would read:

inakehs duhl zuv kuhvuh auag g~am kehs duhl.

i = speaker
na = subjective change, normal speed
kehs = objective change, normal speed
duhl = it
zuv = objective change, too slow to notice
kuhvuh = more
auag = assertion (literally: au - imperative, ag -
                   add to the previous)
g~am = not

But "g~am kehs" makes no sense in rtemmu. In the rtemmu world-view,
all things constantly change. Thus,  every content word describes a
changing process and its rate of change is expressed grammatically. To
try to negate change is ungrammatical.
   Perhaps, one could use the following saying:

inazuv gzag zuv dzuz mun fis xdil zuv kuhvuh,
augbu zuv aslr` zuv g~amshye, pasho`.

= The bees are busier, but there is still no honey.

gzag = group; dzuz = bee; fis = objective, fast change; xdil =
procedure; mun = connective word;
augbu = but (literally, au = imperative, gbu =      oppose;); aslr` =
honey; g~amshye = nothing;
pasho` = yet;

Dan Sulani


   likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a.

   A word is an awesome thing.

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