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Re: Listen To Me Sing In Rokbeigalmki! (I Promise Your Ears Won't Bleed)

From:Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 9:20
Steg wrote:

> Breeders' "Cannonball"? I guess i'm going to have to go looking for that > one now... :)
Haha! Well, it was just your random pop/rock song and it happened to follow your songs on my Winamp. The contrast was "interesting" to say the least. Also, I associate "Cannonball" with MTV (they had it a few years ago as jingle music). And Rokbeigalmki + MTV = contrast. :)
> > Oh! I just remembered the Gamah hymn!
> Nope, that wasn't mine... although i think i downloaded it and still have > it around somewhere. If i remember correctly, it's Pablo Flores's > orc/goblin(?) language.
Oh, sorry! I must have confused Gamah with Gabwe. Both goblin langs, both beginning with "Ga". But you're right, that must have been Pablo Flores. Again, sorry.
> I don't think i'll ever try singing in my goblin language, Gabwe. > Speaking in continuous creaky voice is hard enough, i'm not going to try > singing in it :P .
Well, given your success with Rokbeigalm singing, you oughta consider giving it a try. ;) Daniel Andreasson --