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Beginning a translation

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, July 9, 2004, 16:08
Copy of a message sent to "Use your Conlang" at yahoogroups (of which I was
unaware, but am apparently a member); it seems appropriate here. Maybe it
will divert us from Esperanto orthography.
(Tony Harris wrote:)
>Anyway, I decided perhaps a good topic for discussion would be lyrics in
conlangs. I'm not all that experienced at music writing, but I have made up some Aluric language lyrics for a few of my more favorite songs where the melody works for it. Has anyone else done so? --------------------------------------------- I've often thought of it but never really got round to it. However by merest coincidence, I recently began a Kash translation of a Brecht/Weill song, "Matrosen Tango" ('Sailors' Tango' from "Happy End"). So far, only 2 lines.... (I forgot to mention in the original post, the title "Matrosen Tango, Bertolt Brecht" translates to "Kotan kaposi" by an oddball Kash poet who used only a single name, Prek.) Hallo, jetzt fahren wir nach Birma hinüber, haya, mifosipo puluman riyundi hey, we-sail-just (name)/acc. way-over-there Whisky haben wir, ja noch genügend dabei yale porembim, ti-ti-timbani nakayi there-is wine-our, e-e-enough yes-indeed So far, it fits the music (hence the repeated syllable of timbani, which is cheating, I know). More to come. "Puluma" is new, the name of a distant country.... The next line is already a problem-- Und Zigarren rauchen wir, "Henry Clay"-- since the Kash don't have anything resembling tobacco. You can hear the original (and many other wonderful songs) on a Sony CD MHK 63222 (a remastering of a ca. 1955 LP, "Lotte Lenya sings Berlin Theatre Songs", which, unlike the CD, includes all the lyrics)


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