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Re: Translating Cortazar (WAS: Translating from a conlang into a conlang)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, April 25, 1999, 17:38
I wrote:
> Let me propose this short story for Julio Cort=E1zar, > in the original Spanish version, plus interlinear glosses. > Not really that different from English, but... >=20 >=20
Well, here it is in Drasel=E9q. En thp=E0r i s=F9r about knitted_thing PRT chapter OK, that can apply to a sweater too, but it's fine. _s=F9r_ "chapter" includes the idea of "local topic". M=FCl i =FCnstadnel renth thram kas=EEb, only PRT eighty men lead.3s commander _kas=EEb_ is a general name :) for anyone who commands men in a military fashion. i pieqhaustel thram pavon. PRT 5000 lead.3s enemy Pon kaf=E1kolms=FCr n=ECln itth=FAnd, eren kas=EEb. =20 his tent.LOC air.ACC insult.3s cry.3s commander=20 "insult the air" =3D "insult the gods, the things that are invisible". _kaf=E1kolmas_ "tent" is literally "sail-house" (as in a boat's sail). Gentel riv dh=EDkuvan, suek then write.3s announcement.ACC over I had a word for "proclamation" but it applied to official bulletins. pavnes d=FC=E4som enfl=ECnek ruldel halth i b=FCd enemy.GEN camp CAUS.rain.3p carrying birds PRT it.REL _enfl=ECnten_ "pour (transitive), cause to rain", from _fl=ECn_ "rain". The carrying pigeons cause a "paper rain". Na kas=ECbes pat s=E4nek klattastadnel feundenth. to commander.GEN side go.3p 200 soldiers I binavem funtel ber=F3k, PRT battle.DIM afterward happen.3s As in Spanish, there are two words for "then", _gentel_ "then, at that time" (Sp. _entonces_) and _funtel_ "then, after that" (Sp. _luego_, _despu=E9s_). avdr=E4dil isr=F3n kas=EEb b=FCd, win.3s commander it.REL mi na pon pat s=E4nek kladn renongth.=20 and to his side go.3p two platoons Gentsel murs m=E8f gentel m=FCl i =FCnstadnel renth being_gone three days then only PRT eighty men =20 thram pavon, i pieqhaustel thram kas=EEb. lead.3s enemy PRT 5000 lead.3s commander Gentel riv kas=EEb mur=E1rs dh=EDkuvan, then write.3s commander another announcement.ACC _murar(sen)_ "another" is related to _mur(sen)_ "three", in the sense of "third party, yet a third alternative". na pon pat s=E4nek krommidhuastadnel renth. to his side go.3p seventy-nine men M=FCl =FCm=E1r m=FCnt pavon, en kas=ECbes feuniat only stay.3s one enemy by commander.GEN army anrrin rrel b=FCd m=E1talpimpal porr. silenty wait.3s it.REL surrounded he This part was complicated. The participle _m=E1talpimpal_ is the *active* participle of _m=E1talpimpan_, passive voice of _m=E1talpan_=20 "surround". There are two ways to say "surrounded": _m=E1talpartal_ "surrounded" (passive pple of active verb) _m=E1talpimpal_ "surrounded" (active pple of passive verb) I used the latter to emphasize the fact that *someone* has surrounded the enemy, he has been surrounded (NOT "he is (just) surrounded"). Gent lu=E0m, na pon pat farsis=E4'n pavon. go_away.3s night to his side NEG.PRF.go.3s enemy Pon kaf=E1kolms=FCr n=ECln itth=FAnd eren kas=EEb. his tent.LOC air.ACC insult.3s cry.3s commander Quan=FCth famp g=E4kul aubel pavon sl=E0tn, dawn now slowly take_out.3s enemy sword.ACC na kas=ECbes kaf=E1kolmas fund. =20 to commander.GEN tent go_forth.3s Edh porr, r=E8l porrn. enter.3s he look_at.3s he.ACC Humeregsot kas=ECbes feuniat. de.structure.MV.3s commander.GEN army "The general's army gets de-structured." Gevv=E1dh bais. open_one's_eyes.3s sun "The sun opens its eyes." This is the common way to say it. --Pablo Flores * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * En gian idgrivar fr=FAmneltel frasi=E9rraser gian pavonn be i malladhar siqged=FCer. "Don't blame your enemy for your disgrace=20 if you've just given them a chance." (Traditional Dr=E1selhadh saying)