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Re: A small taste

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 6, 2002, 7:24
Barry Garcia wrote:

>Of how Saalangal affixes look in use. Surprisingly from one root i got a >good amount of subsequent nouns. This is a small taste, a petit fours of >Saalangal, if you will :)
I can get almost all of these from one root in Rhean. All exsiting words, or compounds of existing roots.
>iwári - harvest
hasadak (verb) hasad (noun)
>iwariray - place of harvest, an agricultural field
hasadukhaz (but more likely |pola|)
>iwaritagad - instrument of harvest (traditionally the rice harvesting >knife)
>raiwaringat - the farmer
drivnok (though I suppose |hasadnok| could work)
>caniwari - the field worker
>maiwari - the harvest (what is harvested in totality)
>kataiwarion - many harvests
pugri hasadarve
>duiwarian - harvest time
>haiwaritanin - the record of the harvest
>aruiwari - study of the harvest (what was evaluated and learned from it)
>iwariyas - a small harvest
hasadlet (-let was a tongue-in-cheek formation which stuck)
>paliiwari - from the harvest
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