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Re: Articles: A new Article?

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Monday, October 20, 2003, 23:19
Akhilesh Pillalamarri wrote:

> This is where the new article comes in. For example, when one is > saying "I like chocolate" they are saying they like choclate in > general. Since the article-less word in aryezi indicates "A" or > "One", I had to invent a new article to indicate an item in general. > E. Hence Se ja E hlolar = I have food (in general). Se dila coklat = > I like A chocolate, and Se dila E coklat = I like choclate.
Nothing new under this sun. ;-) Under the other sun where my conlang is spoken, you can say: he-juvlo'ëz tit'kja [x\e:^ju.vlo.^Ez tit.^kja] = I have (some) food. ve-juvlo'ëz tit'kja [ve:^ju.vlo.^Ez tit.^kja] = I have the(this) food. be jesë-kiir rayça'iv teot'söja-juvlo. [be: jesE^ki_ix xaHCa.^iv te_ot.^sOja:^ju.vlo] = Food (in general) is vital for all of us. Combinations are also possible: zasöju-hustelaabi [zasOju:^hu.stela_abi] = (about) the two writings (in general) (Talking about the horizontal and the vertical writings, for example.) resöju-piyör [resOju:^piwOx] = (about) the machines (in general) (All the machines which have ever existed.)
> Please comment on this, and tell me how good(or bad) this is. It > might even have a name, but I dont know.
Since it describes a generality, I called it "generative". But I'm still looking for a more appropriate name. Good and bad aren't qualities that can apply to any feature of a conlang. Does your conlang need it? Does it fit in your conlang? Do you feel like having it? That's the kind of question you should ask yourself. You imagined it so I guess it fits in your construction. So be it! You have my total support! ;-) See ya, ===================== Remi Villatel =====================