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Re: winter quote

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Sunday, March 21, 1999, 18:14
>From: Josh Roth <Fuscian@...>
>These are both so beautiful that even though I've been in Lurkland for=20
so long
>(anyone remember me?) I just had to translate this into Eloshtan. > >Hmmm.....well this is pretty short: > >Novopsom, najactom, mosaram. > >Novopsom=3DNovo + pso + m > snow time I (am) >Najactom=3DNaja + cto + m > stop cause I >Mosaram=3DMosa + ra + m > sleep give I > >Eloshtan is not really polysynthetic=97just with some words. I could=20
>the poem more literally I guess, but I like how it sounds this way.=20
I've had a
>hard time writing poems in Eloshtan. Many words are long, and there's=20
>harmony, and stress is always on the first syllable.
Given those restraints yuo'd probably be better off going with an=20 alternate form of poetry. Avoid rhymed couplets! Go with alliterative=20 verse or parallelisms or a poetry based purely on rhythm usine patterns=20 of stressed and unstressed syllables. Match your poetry to the=20 character of the language! Adam Walker
> >BTW, I will be updating my web pages very soon (like maybe tomorrow). >( There's a pronounciation guide there,=20
in case
>you're wondering how to pronounce the above=97it's probably not how you=20
> >Bye for now, I'll try to keep up with this list more in the future! :-) > >Josh >
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