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USAGE: "each other" vs. "each ... the other"

Date:Tuesday, December 9, 2003, 13:22
Christophe Grandsire scripsit:

> >It is illogical on its face: if A is in front of B, B cannot be in front > >of A, assuming a single reference frame. > > Why should you?
English just does. It's interesting that "each is in front of the other" is unexceptionable (though unidiomatic), but "they are in front of each other" sounds paradoxical: a difference of scope, I suppose. Would you also say, in the case of two standing back to back, that they are behind each other? If I read "Each man walked behind the other", I would think the author has blundered, and would correct it to "One man walked behind the other"; i.e. front to back in the ordinary way. -- John Cowan "It's the old, old story. Droid meets droid. Droid becomes chameleon. Droid loses chameleon, chameleon becomes blob, droid gets blob back again. It's a classic tale." --Kryten, _Red Dwarf_


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