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Miller and the MicroTones

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 16, 1998, 3:19
Nice samples, Herman.  I wonder how often musical ability goes hand in
hand with linguistic ability.  I've spent a lot of my spare time making
up tunes for Teonaht and chromatic waltzes, but I haven't attempted
(can't!) to sample it as you have... nor do I experiment with quarter
tones, which is what I think you're doing.  The effect is very lovely
and bizarrrrrrrrrrrre.  Can't hear your MIDI files, though.  Netscape
asks me to download something, and I hate that.


On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Herman Miller wrote:

> I've been playing around exploring the possibilities of microtonal music, > see for a new sample of music > in 16-note equal tuning. This led me to revisit my Jarrda musical notation > (which doesn't adapt well to scales that aren't similar enough to just > intonation or meantone tuning), and come up with a new system of note names > for Hlererhoi. > > Hlererhoi has inherited Jarrda's calendar and most of the names of animals > and plants. I've redesigned the ASCII spelling of Hlererhoi a few times, > but I think it's just about stable enough to put together a preliminary web > page describing the features of the language. Maybe next week when I take > some of the vacation time I have saved up, I'll have time to do this. > > To sum up recent work on Hlererhoi, it's an AVO/VS language with two major > parts of speech so far: verbs and adverbs. Various kinds of particles > (prepositions, conjunctions, etc.) provide the structure for larger > phrases. Arithmetic is base 12. So far I haven't written more than a few > test sentences: > > zaghi e cira "the mouse is gray" > k'ule n'i n'isen lira "it is a white-tailed deer" > kelem n'i wari "I walk slowly" > shavim cilen e nande "I want to go to the store" > etc. >
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