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Re: Shemspreg at FrathWiki

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, March 15, 2007, 12:07

Dirk Elzinga writes:
> Hey. > > I just put the Shemspreg grammatical description on > . Your comments would be welcome, > especially on layout and organization.
Nice language. IE is quite obvious. :-) 'wes' = 'stay overnight' :-) Because you ask for organisation, I suggest to make the table layout more uniform. E.g. some tables have number Y-axis and case on X-axis (personal pronouns) while others have case on Y-axis and number on X-axis ('this', 'that'). I notice that you greatly simplified the numbers, e.g. eleven=ten-one. Also, you simplified the case system and number&case interaction to a regular system and dropped person endings from verb, right? Was it not you who was one of those who did not like my Terkunan for simplifying morphology so much? :-P You even have regular 'oinoto' while I kept 'prime'. :-) **Henrik


Dirk Elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...>