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From:Daniel Andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 22:45
My phonology book we use in phonology class
(and coincidentally we have just come to
the part on elision and liaison, where they
actually mention French and Arabic (spooky :)
written by Carlos Gussenhoven who uses 99% Dutch examples)
says the following about elision:

"Elision, which deletes the final V slot of the
definite article before V, causing its syllable
node to be lost as well."

ELISION      |       -->   =D8  / _ V

and the following about liaison:

"...which says that an onsetless syllable
syllabifies any unsyllabified consonant
appearing before that vowel."

LIAISON        S  <-- s'posed to be syllable sign
              /|              (lower-case sigma?)
             / |
            C  V

...where the line to the C is dotted and the line
to the V is full.

I don't know if that actually adds something to
the discussion, but what the hey. I might just.