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Re: new lang idea . . .

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 12:12
Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>En réponse à Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>: > > > bn wrote: > > >i'm not sure whether to use X\ or h\ at the moment > > > > What is [X\]? Based on [x] and [x\], it "ought" to be simultaneous > > postalveolar and uvular voiceless fricative, but I guess that's a bit > > much > > to hope for if the lang's supposed to be "classical". > > > >It's actually a voiceless pharyngeal fricative :))) .
How boring! Speaking of [x\] and similars, are there any languages beside certain misguided variants of Swedish that actually use [x\] or other "double" fricatives? X-SAMPA appears not to have symbols for any others.
> > What about words with no closed syllable? Among the words in your > > original > > post (which I've industriously deleted), we find things like _desebi_, > > which > > appears to have no closed syllable at all, still less a non-final one. > > > > > >Well, just looking at the shape of the word, and remembering that [e] and >[i] >are allophones, with [e] under stress and in the first post-stress syllable >and >[i] otherwise, |desebi| *ought* to be stressed on the first syllable. Now I >may >be wrong, I'm doing that from memory...
Well, that agrees with what he said about vowel qualities, but he must've left something out about stress, unless that "s" is a stealth geminate. (Maggelish idea: an orthography where geminated consonants are indicated by variant spellings of adjacent vowels. Is there any such beast out there?) Andreas _________________________________________________________________ The new MSN 8: advanced junk mail protection and 2 months FREE*


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