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Re: phonemic spellin of "science"

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 2:52
>Better yet would've been if he'd used <c> = /k/, for /skien'kio/ (or >even esciencio, /eskien'kio/), or at least esciencio, /estsien'tsio/. >But, what's done is done. > >It's clusters like that that give Esperanto an ugly sound, IMHO. /sts/, >/kn/, /kv/ (and why kvar and not kwar?) are hideous, I think. > >Of course, /sts/ can also occur in English as in "guests" (or worse yet, >"guest's story", with /stst/!).
I cant even wrap my tongue around an initial /sts/ sound. But, i still think Esperanto isnt very pretty sounding to me (my opinion). Perhaps if it had a prettier sound i'd be more interested in it, but with it's current sounds, i just cant get into it. ________________________________________________ The rattan basket criticizes the palm leaf basket, still both are full of holes.