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Re: phonemic spellin of "science"

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 3:01
On Second Fire of Tenderness of first Red Cat, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Jonathan Chang wrote: > > okay, good topic... what would be would a good alternative spellin' be? > > "siensio" /sie'ns'i'o/ or /si'ens'i'o/ ? or what?
Well, more than an alternative spellin' an alternative vocabulary...
> Better yet would've been if he'd used <c> = /k/, for /skien'kio/ (or > even esciencio, /eskien'kio/), or at least esciencio, /estsien'tsio/. > But, what's done is done. > > It's clusters like that that give Esperanto an ugly sound, IMHO. /sts/, > /kn/, /kv/ (and why kvar and not kwar?) are hideous, I think.
Why, /kv/ is a nice cluster even resticting /v/ from becoming aproximant... ;-)
> Of course, /sts/ can also occur in English as in "guests" (or worse yet, > "guest's story", with /stst/!).
Or clusters like _next_ /kst/... or how 'bout "The next's better" with an interesting /ksts/. But well, those clusters are okay for me as longer as are syllable final, which Eo's sciencio is not. -- Carlos Th